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Celidon Wood

Celyddon Forest, Coed Celidon

Celidon Wood is believed to be located in Wales, specifically in the northern region known as Cumbria or the ancient kingdom of Rheged. The exact location remains a matter of debate and interpretation, as it is a legendary and mythical place rather than a specific geographic location.

The name Celidon Wood or Celyddon is believed to be linked to the Caledonian Forest, a vast woodland that once covered parts of the Scottish Highlands. In Welsh and Arthurian literature, Celidon Wood shares similar traits with the Caledonian Forest, a place of wonder and magic.

Celidon Wood is often associated with King Arthur and his knights in later Arthurian romances and storytelling. It is described as a magical and enchanting forest, where knights embark on quests and face supernatural challenges.

A wood to the north of Lincoln is considered by some to be the location of one of Arthur’s battles that Nennius lists as having been fought at Caledon Wood.

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