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Clas Myrddin

“Merlin’s Enclosure,” “Merlin’s Precinct”

Myrddin Wyllt’s Retreat
Clas Myrddin is a Welsh term that translates to “The Enclosure of Myrddin” in English. It is associated with the legendary figure of Myrddin Wyllt. The term clas can refer to a religious enclosure, often associated with a monastic or hermitage setting.

In Welsh folklore and Arthurian legends, Myrddin Wyllt is a figure often linked to prophecy, magic, and wisdom. The story of Merlin has been a prominent part of medieval Welsh poetry and later Arthurian literature. According to some versions of the legend, after the Battle of Arfderydd, Merlin went mad and retreated to the forest where he lived a wild, prophetic, and mystical existence.

The term “Clas Myrddin” is sometimes used to refer to a supposed location associated with Merlin’s retreat or a place where he may have had a hermitage.

A Name for England
According to the Trioedd Ynys Prydein (The Triads of the Island of Britain), an early Welsh text that comples triads or sets of three, “Clas Myrddin” is one of the earliest names of England. The triads are a form of traditional Welsh literature that often present information in a mnemonic or poetic style.

In the context of the Triads, Clas Myrddin is associated with Myrddin Wyllt and is described as one of the three “Havens” of Britain. The association of Clas Myrddin with England reflects the complex interweaving of historical events, myth, and poetic imagination in Welsh literature.

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