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Dames as Chastel

Castle of Virgins, Chastel as Puceles, Chastel as Pucheles

The “Castle of Ladies” and “Castle of Virgins” were located on opposite banks of a river, probably in or near the forest of Carduel (Cardueil).

Here, during a tournament between the two castles, Sirs Ector de Maris and Lionel once helped the knights of the Puceles, who were inferior in number, while Lancelot, to balance the influence of his kinsmen, entered on the side of the Dames. Lancelot, however, did not get into the fray until a damsel came by and dropped a hint that he should fight by asking him if she could have his shield, since he obviously had no use for it.

“Chastel as Puceles” is, of course, the equivalent of Castle of Maidens, which may have been a popular name.

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