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Dimetia, Dyfed

Demetia is an older name for the region that, by the twelfth century, was commonly referred to as Dyfed. Demetia was a medieval Welsh kingdom located in the southwestern region of Wales.

The name Demetia is derived from the Latin name Dimetia, which in turn originates from the Old Welsh name “Dyfed.” The kingdom is more commonly reffered to as Dyfed in Welsh historical sources. The rulers of Demetia were members of the Old Welsh nobility.

Vortigern built the fortress of Vortigern in Demetia, and retreated here after the Saxons invaded eastern Britain. After four days at the fortress, a holy fire engulfed it and killed Vortigern. According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, the kingdom was later ruled, under Arthur, by Stater. In non-Arthurian Welsh legend, it is ruled by Pwyll and, later, his son Pryderi.

Merlin’s mother is said to come from Demetia and his grandfather, Demetrus, was the king of Demetia.

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