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Dozmary Pool

Dozmary Pool is a small lake located in the central part of Bodmin Moor, just to the east of Colliford Lake, about six miles from Slaughter Bridge, the traditional Cornish location for Camlann.

Dozmary Pool has historical importance in Cornwall. It is believed to have been a sacred site for the early inhabitants of the area and has been mentioned in various historical documents throughout the centuries. According to local Cornish legend, Dozmary Pool is said to have been formed by the accidental opening of a magical well during the pursuit of a monster or dragon. This legends adds to the mythical ambiance of the area and its connection to ancient folklore.

Return of Excalibur
Dozmary Pool is often linked to the story of the return of Excalibur. After the Battle of Camlann, where Arthur was mortally wounded, Sir Bedivere was entrusted with returning Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake. As Bedivere hesitated, the Lady of the Lake’s hand emerged from the depths to claim the sword. This legend represents the passing of Arthur’s magical sword back to its mystical origins.

Sword in the Stone
This legend recounts how Arthur, as a young boy, pulled the sword from the stone, thereby proving himself as the rightful king. While the specific location of the Sword in the Stone varies in different versions of the story, Dozmary Pool has been suggested as one possible site.

Fisher King
Dozmary Pool has been associated with the Fisher King, the wounded king who guards the Grail, and his well-being is connected to the health of his land. Some interpretations place the Fisher King’s domain near or within Dozmary Pool, linking the pool to the themes of healing, quest, and the sacred vessel.

Gawain and the Loathly Lady
Dozmary Pool is sometimes mentioned in the story of Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady. The encounter between the two is placed near Dozmary Pool.

Knights of the Round Table
It is sometimes depicted as a place where the Knights of the Round Table engaged in various adventures and quests. It is believed that the knights visited Dozmary Pool during their journeys, encountering mythical creatures, testing their bravery, or seeking spiritual insights. In some accounts, Dozmary Pool is described as having healing or tranformative properties. It is said that those who bathe or drink from the waters of the pool may experience physical or spiritual rejuvenation. Some sources claim that those who enters the waters may become invisible.

It has been associated with the Quest for the Holy Grail, a central theme in Arthurian legends. According to some versions, Sir Galahad sought the Grail in the vicinity of Dozmary Pool. It is said that Galahad’s pure heart and unwavering devotion made him the chosen knight for this sacred quest.

Other legends
This body of water is also connected to other mythical beings and legends. It is associated with the mythical water spirit known as Jenny Greenteeth. According to local folklore, Jenny Greenteeth is a malevolent creature with green skin, long hair, and sharp teeth. Legends tell of her luring unsuspecting individuals, particularly children, into the depths of the water.

Yet another legend about this pool is that it was said to be bottomless… this was proven untrue when in the drought of 1976 dried it up.

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