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Battle of Ealing

Ealing, which is a district and borough in West London, England.

It is said to be the site of a battle between Vortigern’s Britons and Hengist’s Saxons.

This battle is part of British folklore and legend rather than historically documented fact. Vortigern was a legendary fifth century warlord who is said to have ruled Britain during a time of Saxon invasions, and Hengist was a Saxon chieftain. The tale of their supposed encounter in Ealing is one of the many stories surrounding the early medieval period of British history.

According to legend, Vortigern invited Hengist and his warriors to Britain to help him defend against the Picts and Scots. However, Hengist and his Saxons eventually turned against Vortigern and began to seize control of territories for themselves. The story goes that a battle took place in Ealing, with the outcome being in favor of Hengist’s forces.

Brut | Layamon, late 12th century to mid-13th century