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A river, most probably the river in Cumbria, England. The River Eden is one of the major rivers in the region, flowing through the county of Cumbria and ultimately reaching the Solway Firth.

According to a legend, Uther, a giant chieftain and founder of the Kingdom of Mallerstang, decided to build his castle in the Mallerstang Valley. To fortify his castle and protect it from potential invaders, Uther came up with the idea of creating a moat around it.

With his immense strength, Uther attempted to alter the course of the River Eden, intending to surround his castle with a large moat. However, despite his efforts, Uther struggled to control the powerful river, which resisted his attempts to divert its flow. Despite his failure to create the desired moat, Uther continued to rule over his kingdom in Mallerstang as a powerful giant chieftain.

It’s not certain, but Uther the Giant may be the same as Uther Pendragon.

Roman Occupation
During the Roman occupation of Britain, the Eden Valley and the River Eden were part of the northern frontier. The Romans built Hadrian’s Wall not far to the north, and there were Roman forts and settlements in the vicinity.

Viking Raids and Settlements
The Vikings, known for their raids on coastal and riverine areas, navigated rivers such as the Eden. The river’s proximity to the Irish Sea and the Solway Firth made it accessible to Viking longships. The region experienced Viking incursions and settlements during the Viking Age.

Eden is derived from the Old English ēadn, meaning “pleasant” or “delightful.”