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Forest of Shadows

La Forest d’Ombre

The Forest of Shadows is depicted as a mystical and enchanting place where knights face challenges, confrontations, and tests of their courage and chivalry.

Perceval enters the Forest of Shadows during his quest for the Grail. As he journeys through the forest, he comes across the Red Knight of the Forest of Shadows, who is a renowned adversary and warrior. The Red Knight challenges Perceval to battle, seeking to test Perceval’s skills and prove his own prowess.

Perceval accepts the challenge and engages in a fierce battle with the Red Knight. The two knights clash in combat, displaying their martial skills and valor. The battle is intense and serves as a test of Perceval’s abilities as a knight. Despite the Red Knight’s reputation as a skilled fighter, Perceval eventually emerges victorious, defeating his opponent.

Perlesvaus | Early 13th century