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Gindiel, Granidel, Graniedel, Guidel, Ragindel, Raginel, Raguindel

This castle seems not to have been far from Listeneise (Listenois), for when Gawain and Ector de Maris separated at the fork in the road beyond the Chapel of the Conjuration, Gawaine took the right fork and ended at Carbonek, while Ector took the left fork, despite numerous warnings of shame waiting along that road, and ended at Guindoel.

Sir Marigart li Rous had once loved Lady Oruale, the rightful chatelaine of Guindoel. When she refused to wed him, and her cousin killed Marigart’s brother for insulting her before her people, Marigart invaded the castle by night, killed the cousin, and raped the lady. She was locked in chains.

Declining, now, to marry her, he imprisoned her in a cave guarded by two lions, while he settled down to vanquishing knights (stripping them and having them dragged through the streets) and dishonoring maidens of the village. Marigart may have set up the warnings along the road himself. Four years, forty maidens, and an unknown number of knights later, Ector arrived to kill Marigart, by strucking of his head, restore Oruale, and offer to be her knight always and everywhere.