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Hall of Statues

A chamber that Tristan built in a grotto that, in Thomas’s Tristan, he had captured from a giant named Moldagog. The Norse Tristrams Saga ok Ísöndar says that the Hall of Statues was on Mont Saint Michel, in a cave formerly belonging to the giant slain by Arthur.

Two of the statues were of Isolde and Brangain. Tristan consoled himself in his lover’s absence by speaking to her statue. When Kahedins, Tristan’s brother-in-law, confronted Tristan for not consummating his marriage to Kahedins’ sister, Tristan showed him Isolde’s statue. Kahedins fell in love with Brangain upon seeing her image, and he forced Tristan to take him to Britain to meet her.

Tristan | Thomas of England, 1170-1175
Tristrams Saga ok Ísöndar | 1226