Jaiant, Jaians, Jaianz

Many giants are to be found in Celtic mythology and legend. Britain was said to have been ruled by a race of giants before the arrival of Brutus, who defeated them, though even he was accompanied by a ‘giant’, Corineus. Later giants tended to be portrayed as clumsy, greedy cannibals who dominated whole districts.

Traditionally, a giant could not be overcome by sheer strength but could be defeated by trickery and cunning. One of the best known of all children’s fairy tales is ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, in which a giant is defeated by Jack the Giant-killer. This giant is none other than the Cornish giant Cormoran.

Here are a few giants from Sommer’s list.

  • Jaians, les deux
    Whom Lancelot killed near Camaalot.
  • Jaians, les deux, de Tinaguel
    Whom Lancelot killed before he is deceived by one of Morgan’s damsels.
  • Jaianz, les trois
    Whom Gawain kills near the Enchanted Orchard.

Giants in the Arthurian legends
In the list there are giants, giantesses as well as characters “built like a giant”.

Giants in the Arthurian legends
In the list there are characters, locations and items connected to giants.

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