As an extension of its biblical role, Jerusalem is the setting for the early Grail history, including the origins of the Grail, the adventures and trials of Joseph of Arimathea, the Roman Emperor Vespasian’s campaign to avenge Christ’s death, and, eventually, Joseph’s departure for western lands. Christians from Jerusalem followed Joseph of Arimathea and populated Britain.

In the Vulgate MerlinMerlin visits Jerusalem and accurately depicts the Saracen king Flualis’s defeat at the hands of Christians, followed by his own conversion to Christianity. In De Ortu Waluuanii, Jerusalem serves as the site of Gawain’s first triumph: the city became the object of a dispute between Rome and Persia, and it was ruled that the matter would be decided by a single combat. The Persians put forth their best warrior, Gormundus, while the Emperor of Rome sent the young and untried Gawain. After a three-day battle, Gawain killed Gormundus and settled the conflict in Rome’s favor.

Jerusalem is one of the many cities and lands that Arthur conquers in Jean D’Outremeuse’s Ly Myreur des Histors.

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