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Landesmores, Landemeure

A Scottish castle and land found in several French romances.

In Guillaume le Clerc’s FergusPerceval hunts a white stag in the region.

In Gliglois, it is the home castle of Beauté, a maiden loved by both Gawain and his squire, Gliglois. At Beauté’s request, Gliglois was knighted at Landemore, and he became lord of the castle upon marrying her.

Both Meraugis de Portlesguez and La Vengeance Raguidel mention a Lady of Landemore, present at several tournaments.

All texts may refer to a series of foothills south of the Firth of Forth known as the Lammermuir Hills. They stretch across parts of the Scottish Borders and East Lothian regions in southeastern Scotland. They form a natural boundary between Scotland and England.

Meraugis de Portlesquez | Raoul de Houdenc, early 13th century
La Vengeance Raguidel | Raoul, possibly Raoul de Houdenc, early 13th century
Fergus | Guillaume le Clerc, 1200-1233
Gliglois | Early 13th century