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Lansdown Hill

Lansdown Hill is located near Bath in Somerset, England.

This hill is possibly the site of the battle of Badon.

In the Middle Ages it was said that Arthur’s remains were hidden or buried at Lansdown Hill to protect them, and that they had been discovered. In some versions of the legend, it is believed that the monks of Glastonbury Abbey, who said they had found Arthur and Guenevere’s grave, may have moved their remains to Landsdown Hill for safekeeping.

Lansdown Hill | 0 to the 9th century AD

Roman Period
The Romans had a significant presence in England during this time, and Lansdown Hill is likely to have been within the sphere of Roman influence. However, specific details about any Roman activities on Lansdown Hill during this period are not well-documented.

Anglo-Saxon Period
After the Roman withdrawal from Britain, the Anglo-Saxons became the dominant cultural and political force. Lansdown Hill, like many areas, would have been subject to the influences and migrations of various Anglo-Saxon groups. However, specific details about Lansdown Hill during this time are not known.

Early Medieval Period
The early medieval period saw the consolidation of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms and the spread of Christianity. Lands like Lansdown Hill may have been part of larger estates or territories controlled by Anglo-Saxon rulers or local elites.