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A village in the county of Herefordshire, which is in the border region between England and Wales.

The site of battle between King Crudel de Norgales’s pagans and King Mordrain’s Christians in the time of Joseph of Arimathea.

Longtown | 0 to 900 AD

The history of Longtown is likely intertwined with the broader historical developments of the Welsh Marches and the surrounding area during this time.

Roman Influence
The Roman presence in Britain, including the construction of roads and forts, would have impacted the region around Longtown during the Roman occupation which lasted until the early fifth century AD.

Anglo-Saxon and Welsh Interaction
After the Romans withdrew from Britain, the area experienced a period of Anglo-Saxon and Welsh interactions. Longtown would have been situated on the border between these two cultural and poltical spheres.

Early Medieval Period
The early medieval period in England and Wales was characterized by the emergence of various kingdoms and tribal regions. The region around Longtown may have been influenced by the kingdoms of Mercia, Wessex, and the Welsh kingdoms.

Anglo-Saxon Settlement
The Anglo-Saxons established settlements in various parts of England, and Longtown could have been one of these settlements during the early medieval period. However, specific details about Longtown’s early history in this period are limited.

Viking Raids
In the later part of the early medieval period (8th and 9th centuries), Viking raids and incursions reached the British Isles. While Longtown is located inland, it may have felt the effects of Viking raids in the neighboring regions.

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