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Merlin’s Hill

Welsh: Bryn Myrddin

Merlin’s Hill is a prominent hill located near the town of Carmarthen in Wales. At the summit of which there is a rock resembling a chair.

Carmarthen is traditionally associated with Merlin, and it is said to be his birthplace or the location where he lived and had his prophetic visions. One of the prominent legends associated with Merlin’s Hill is that it is the final resting place of Merlin. According to legend, he was said to have been imprisoned or entombed in a cave or tomb on the hill. It is said that a careful listener can hear him groaning within.

However, there is a cave situated under an overhang behind a waterfall in the upper reaches of the Afon Pib that is sometimes locally referred to as Ogof Myrddin.

While Merlin’s Hill is steeped in legend and folklore, it also has archaeological and historical significance. The hill features an ancient Iron Hill hillfort known as Caerfyrddin Hillfort, which dates back to pre-Roman times.

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