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Merlin’s House

Rocher Merlin

Rocher Merlin, also known as Merlin’s House, is a notable rock formation located in Brittany, France.

It is specifically located in the commune of Paimpont, which is part of the larger Forest of Paimpont. This forest is sometimes referred to as the Brocéliande Forest and is steeped in Arthurian and Celtic mythology.

Merlin is often depicted as having a deep connection to nature and the wilderness, which makes the forested setting of Rocher Merlin fitting for his association. Rocher Merlin is said to be one of the legendary places where Merlin resided or performed magical deeds. Various legends and tales associate Merlin with this site. One well-known story suggests that Merlin lived within the rock itself, using it as his home or refuge.

One legend says that the cave could be turned around so it never faced the wind, or even moved underground if the wind blew from every side. Merlin seems to have been regarded as a giant in local folklore.