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Armenie, Ermenia, Ermonie, Hermonie

Tristan’s ancestral land, ruled by his father King Rivalin and then bequeathed to Tristan. Tristan never ruled the kingdom, but instead commended it to the stewardship of his foster-father, Rual. Upon Rual’s death, it was ruled by Rual’s sons.

Its capital was the city of Canoel. Later writers give Tristan’s homeland as Lyonesse.

Thomas of England’s original version, “Armenie,” might be a derivation of “Armorica,” an early name for Brittany. Gottfried von Strassburg would have changed it to “Parmenie” to avoid confusion with Armenia.

Tristan | Thomas of England, 1170-1175
Tristan | Gottfried von Strassburg, early 13th century
Tristrams Saga ok Ísöndar | 1226
Sir Tristrem | c. 1300