Perilous Ford

  1. Perilous Ford
    Gué Perellos

    A treacherous ford in the land of Galloway that no knight dared to cross. Gawain reached it during his travels and tried to jump his horse across it, but his horse jumped badly and dumped him into the river.

  2. Perilous Ford

    This seems to lie between Queen Igraine’s Canguin and Guiromelant’s Orquenseles, with an additional stretch of land on Igraine’s side.

    The Haughty Maid of Logres maliciously dares Gawaine to jump his horse across the Perilous Ford, saying that her dear friend the Haughty Knight of the Rock (whom Gawaine has just defeated) has been in the habit of crossing it every day for her sake. When, thanks to Gringolet, Gawaine makes it ot the other side, Guiromelant informs him that he is the first knight ever to keep his life while crossing this ford.

    This might be identical with the Perilous Ford mentioned above.

  3. Perilous Ford

    A ford defended by the knight Bleoberis. Gawain’s son Guinglain defeated Bleoberis at the Perilous Ford and sent him to King Arthur.

  4. Perilous Ford

    A ford where Perceval defeated a knight named Urbain. Urbain, to honor his fairy lover, jousted with all knights who passed the ford.