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Piacenza is a city located in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy.

The kingdom ruled by the King with a Hundred Knights in the Italian I Due Tristani.

Piacenza | 218 BC to c. 800 AD

Roman Era
Founded as Placentia in 218 BC as a Roman military colony to serve as a defensive outpost against Celtic tribes in the region. It was strategically situated along the Via Aemilia, an important Roman road connecting Rimini to Milan. As part of the Roman Empire, the city contributed to the empire’s administrative and military apparatus.

Migration Period
In the fifth century AD, the decline of the Western Roman Empire brought changes to Plancentia. The city, like many others, experienced the challenges of invasions and shifts in political control. The Germanic tribes, including the Visigoths and Ostrogoths, as well as the Huns, played roles in the historical events of this period.

In the early medieval era, Placentia became part of the Byzantine Empire. The city’s fate was influenced by the broader dynamics of the Mediterranean world, including conflicts between the Byzantines and various Germanic and barbarian groups.

Lombard Rule and the Carolingian Period
In the sixth century, the Lombards, a Germanic people, invaded Italy and established their rule. Piacenza came under Lombard control. In the late eighth century, the Carolingian Dynasty, under Charlemagne, became prominent in Europe. Charlemagne’s conquests included parts of northern Italy.

The Christianization of the region also progressed during this time, with the spread of Christianity and the establishment of Christian institutions.

I Due Tristani | 1555