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Plumpton is a village in Cumberland (now part of Cumbria) in the northern part of England.

This is where Sir Gawain and Sir Galleron dueled over a group of Scottish lands annexed by Arthur.

Plumpton | 0 to 800 AD

Roman and Early Medieval Periods
The region that would later become Cumberland was part of the Roman province of Britannia during the Roman Empire. With the decline of Roman influence in the early fifth century, the area experienced changes due to the migrations of various Germanic tribes.

Anglo-Saxon Period
By the seventh century, the Anglo-Saxons had established control over much of England, and the area that is now Cumberland became part of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria. The local history during this period was likely shaped by the interactions between the Anglo-Saxons and the native Britons, as well as the impact of Viking raids and settlements.

Viking Invasions
In the late eighth and early ninth centuries, Viking raids and invasions had a significant impact on the region. This period saw the establishment of Viking settlements, and Cumberland was no exception.

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