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Port of Perilous Rock

Perilous Port, la Roche del Port, la Roche del Port Peri, Port de Peril

A rock in the middle of the sea, once used as a harbor for a band of pirates.

Malory mentions this mysterious spot only once, in the Grail Adventures – and that in a flashback. Nascien, entering a ship at the isle of Turnance, was blown to “another ship where King Mordrains was, which had been tempted full evil with a fiend in the Port of Perilous Rock”, all this happening forty years after Christ’s Passion.

After King Mordrain converted to Christianity, God transported him to the Rock of the Perilous Port to test his faith. Although tempted by a fiend and threatened by storms (which broke the Rock in two), Mordrain resisted his desire to leave the Rock, and thus passed the test.

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