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The Turning Isle
l’Isle d’Or, Ille Tornoiant, d’Isle Torneant, Isle Tournoiant, Isle of Turnance, Turnaunce

Malory seems to name this site only once, as an island visited by the first Nascien. It was composed of the waste left over when God separated the four elements. It contained a deposit of iron. The whole mass settled over a lodestone at the bottom of the ocean and the magnetic force caused it to turn perpetually. Nascien spent eight days here, some forty years after Christ’s Passion, then he left the island on the Ship of Solomon.

During Arthur’s reign, Merlin imprisoned the daughter of Duke Abinors, an enemy of Uther, on the island. She remained there, guarded by her lover Formis of Arms, until Arthur and Gawain set her free. Merlin’s Tower, which was once inhabited by the wizard, was situated on the island.

During the Grail Quest, Percivale spent some time on an island where he were tempted and had visions. This might be the same island.

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