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Rohestoc, Rorestok, Rostock, Rostok

A castle in Arthur’s kingdom.

According to the Vulgate Merlin, its castellan joined the British kings’ war against the Saxons. Roestoc plain was the site of a battle between the Saxons and a group of youths led by Gawain.

In the Vulgate Lancelot, the Lady of Roestoc is attacked by Sir Seguarades, who desires to marry her. She sent one of her vassals – a dwarf named Groadain – to find a champion from Arthur’s court to fight Seguarades. Groadain returned with Hector (Ector de Maris) and Gawain, the latter of whom was traveling incognito. Hector’s lady refused to let him fight, so the combat was left to the “unknown” knight. After a long battle, Gawain was victorius against Seguarades, and he freed the Lady’s lands.

Lot of Orkney and his sons were on their way from Logres back to Arestuel in Scotland when they met 7.000 Sesnes leading 700 prisoners on the plains of Roestoc. They battled the Sesnes , at which time Gawaine won his horse Gringolet from King Clarions, though he did not kill Clarions.

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