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Roxburgh Castle

Roxburgh is a historic town in the Scottish Borders, situated on the banks of the River Teviot.

Arthur’s knight, Meliador, defeated 1.566 knights at a tournament at Roxburgh Castle for the love of Hermondine, daughter of the King of Scotland.

Roxburgh Castle | History

Early History
The exact origins of Roxburgh Castle are uncertain, but it is believed to have been built during the reign of King David I of Scotland in the twelfth century. It is believed that the castle was constructed on or near the site of an earlier settlement. The presence of Roman Trimontium, a fort located a few miles away, indicates that the general area had strategic significance in earlier periods.

Roxburgh Castle was strategically situated near the confluence of the Rivers Tweed and Teviot, making it a key defensive position on the Scottish-English border.

Scottish-English Conflicts
The castle played a central role in the conflicts between Scotland and England during the medieval period. It changed hands multiple times as the border region experienced frequent battles and power struggles.

Sieges and Rebuilding
Roxburgh Castle was the site of several sieges and attacks. It was captured and destroyed by the English in 1296 during the Wars of Scottish Independence. Subsequently, it was rebuilt by the English but was later recaptured by the Scots.

Wars of the Roses and Abandonment
In 1460, during the Wars of the Roses, Roxburgh Castle was once again destroyed, this time by the forces of King Edward IV of England. The destruction of the castle marked the end of its military significance. Following its destruction, Roxburgh Castle was abandoned, and it was never rebuilt. The ruins that remain today are the remnants of the medieval fortress.

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