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Tantallon Castle

Tantallon Castle is located in East Lothian, about 40 kilometers east of Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s situated on a cliff overlooking the Firth of Forth. It was built in the mid-fourteenth century by the powerful Douglas family.

This castle is one of the sites thought to be Camelot.

Tantallon Castle Area | 0 to 9th century AD

Roman Influence | 1st – 4th centuries
During the Roman period, the area that is now Scotland was inhabited by various Celtic tribes, including the Votadini. The Romans had a presence in southern Scotland, and they built the Antonine Wall, which ran near the southern border of what is now East Lothian.

Early Medieval Period | 5th – 8th centuries
East Lothian, like other parts of Scotland, experienced the migration and settlement of various Celtic and Germanic tribes. The historical record for this period is relatively scarce, but it is believed that the region was part of the broader migrations and changes occuring in early medieval Britain.

Viking Raids and Settlement | 8th – 9th centuries
The Viking Age had an impact on coastal regions of Scotland, including East Lothian. Viking raids and settlements along the east coast were not uncommon during this time. These raids played a role in shaping the region’s history and may have influenced the development of defensive structures like Tantallon Castle in later centuries.

Kingdom of Northumbria
The neighboring Kingdom of Northumbria, which encompassed parts of what is now northern England and southeastern Scotland, had a significant influence on the region’s early history during this period. East Lothian was part of the Northumbrian sphere of influence, and it experienced the shifting fortunes of the Northumbrian kingdom during this time.

Emergence of Early Scottish Kingdoms | 9th century
The late ninth century saw the emergence of early Scottish kingdoms, including the Kingdom of Alba, later known as Scotland. East Lothian eventually became part of the Scottish realm, which was taking shape during this period.

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