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Wigan is a town in Greater Manchester in England, and it is close to the River Douglas.

Thought locally to be the site of one of Arthur’s victories due to its closeness to the river.

Wigan | 0 to the 9th century AD

Roman Period
During the Roman occupation of Britain, which began in the first century AD, Wigan was part of the region known as Britannia. Roman roads, including the route from Wigan to Manchester, passed through the area. Archaeological evidence suggests the presence of Roman settlement and activities in the vicinity.

Anglo-Saxon Period
After the Romans left Britain in the fifth century, the area that is now Wigan was inhabited by the Anglo-Saxons. Wigan was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 as a small village, and it was a part of the Hundred of Newton. The Hundred was a local administrative division.

Viking Influence
During the Viking Age, which included par of the eighth and ninth centuries, Viking raids and invasions affected many parts of England, including areas in the north and northwest. Wigan, like other places, may have experienced Viking activity during this time.

Early Medieval Period
By the end of the ninth century, Wigan was a small settlement, and its history would continue to evolve in the medieval period.