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Windsor Forest

Guinesores, Videsores, Vindesores, Windeskore

Windsor Forest is close to Windsor Castle, England.

Malory relates a story in which Lancelot, while hunting in Windsor Forest, is shot in the buttocks by a misguided arrow from a female hunter’s arrow.

In the Merry Wives of Windsor, a comedy by William Shakespeare, the character Herne the Hunter is mentioned and plays a significant role in the play’s plot. Herne the Hunter is often depicted as a ghostly figure associated with Windsor Forest, where the play is set.

Windsor Great Park is a large, historic park and forest area located near Windsor Castle. The park has a long history dating back to the Norman Conquest of England. It has been used for various purposes over the centuries, originally created as a hunting ground for kings, and it has been expanded and developed over the years.

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