1. Damsel of Blanche Land

      Mother of Raynbrown. [More]

    2. Damsel of La Beale Regard

      See Beale Regard, Damsel of La.

    3. Damsel of the Cart

      Nickname of Claire. She carried the body of her slain lover around in a cart.

    4. Damsel of the Tent

      The unfortunate sweetheart of the Haughty Knight of the Heath.

    5. Damsel of the White Heath

      A maiden loved by Gareth, Gawaine's brother.

    6. Damsel of Thornbush Ford

      A Hebrew and wife of Lambergus, in the Italian Tristano Riccardiano and La Tavola Ritonda.

    7. Damsel Savage
      Damsel of the Wilds

      An obscure woman who appears in Chrétien’s Yvain and the Middle English poem Ywain and Gawain.

      She sends a message to the Lady of the Fountain, warning her that Arthur is approaching the Lady’s lands. The message prompts the Lady to marry Yvain for protection.

      Malory calls her Dame Linet, and it has been suggested Linet is Lunette.

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