1. Duke de la Rouse

      An enemy of Arthur whom Gareth defeated and forced to pay homage to the king. Through his fealty to Gareth, the Duke reconciled with Arthur, and he was eventually appointed to the Round Table.

    2. Duke of Avarlan

      Avarlan is a castle in Britain. Father of Baudon, known as the Red Knight.

    3. Duke of Cambenine

      Patron of the monastery Bienfait.

    4. Duke of Cloucester

      The Duke of Cloucester was in fact Lucan the Butler, son of Duke Corneus.

    5. Duke of Dutchment

      A leader of a battalion of soldiers in the Duke of Lorraine’s brigade, fighting for the Roman army in Arthur’s war with Rome. The Duke of Dutchmen led his soldiers into a trap set by Sir Gawaine and Sir Florence in north Italy. The soldiers were killed and the Duke fled the field.

      Malory alone mentions this character, which seems to correspond to Algere of the Alliterative Morte Arthure.

    6. Duke of the Swordpoint

      A nobleman who owned property near Camelot.

    7. Duke of the White Fortress

      Cousin of King Lancelot de la Blance Terre. The duke was married to King Lancelot's mistress.

      When Lancelot de la Blance Terre was drinking from a chapel fountain, the Duke of the White Fortress, sneaked up behind him and beheaded him. Lancelot's head landed in the fountain which started to boil, burning the Duke. The fountain continued to boil until the Grail Quest, when Galahad put his hand into the fountain. Lancelot of the Lake found his grandfather's body and buried it next to his grandmother's.

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    8. Duke of the White Thorn

      A nobleman present at a tournament in Claris et Laris.