1. Edward of Carnavron

    A Knight of the Round Table - brother of Sir Hectymere and Sir Pryamus (Priamus) - who appeared at the healing of Sir Urre. His home is a town in Wales.

  2. Edward of Orkney

    Cousin of Gawaine and brother of Sadok who fought for Arthur at the Leverzep tournament. He was later made a Knight of the Round Table and was present at the healing of Sir Urre.

  3. Edward of the Red Castle

    A knight who, with his brother Sir Hugh (Hue), stole lands from the Lady of the Rock. Yvain championing the lady, called for a duel against one of the brothers, but the brothers insisted that Yvain fight them both at the same time. Yvain won the battle, killing Edward and wounding Hugh.

    Another source of mine says Sir Marhaus fought and won the lands back.