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Lischois Gwelljus of Gowerzin

A duke who served Duchess Orgeluse of Logres (Orguelleuse). Lischois frequented a river in Terre Marveile near the Castle of Marvels.

Orgeluse, seeking a prospective husband and knight servitor would lead any suitors to the location and have them fight Lischois. Lischois was invariably victorious until he encountered Gawain (at the time, he was in possession of Gawain’s stolen horse, Gringolet). Gawain defeated Lischois in combat twice; both times, Lischois refused to surrender, preferring death. Gawain refused to kill him and finally turned him over to Plippalinot the Ferryman as a prisoner.

Lischois’s companion, Florant of Itolac, similarly failed against Gawain. Lischois later married Gawain’s sister Cundrie, daughter of Sangive and Lot.

Parzival | Wolfram von Eschenbach, 1200–1210