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Melias de Lile

Son of the King of Denmark, Melias entered the Grail Quest as squire to King Bagdemagus, but left him at the White Abbey and went with Galahad instead. After requesting and recieving knighthood at Galahad’s hands, Melias said,

[S]ithen ye have made me a knight ye must of right grant me my first desire that is reasonable ... suffer me to ride with you in this quest of the Sangreal, till that some adventure depart us.

The adventure came in about a week, when they arrived at a crossroads where was a sign warning any but good men and worthy knights from taking the road to the left, because

if thou go on the left hand thou shalt not lightly there win prowess, for thou shalt in this way be soon assayed.

Melias begged of Galahad to let him take the left road. He failed the test, for when he came to a

lodge of boughs ... wherein was a crown of gold,

he appropriated the crown. At once another knight came and smote him down, took back the crown, and left him there until Galahad came and rescued him.

Galahad brought the grievously wounded Melias to an old monk and waited three days until it became apparent that Melias would survive. The monk explained to Melias that in following the left-hand road he had acted in pride and presumption, and by taking the crown he had sinned

in covetise and in theft.

Purged, we may hope, of his excess pride, Melias became a knight of the Round Table. He went with Lancelot into exile and was made Earl of Tursaud.

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