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White Abbey

Two entries with the name White Abbey.

White Abbey

Blanche Abbaye

Gawain stays at the White Abbey a Sunday when he were on the quest to find Lancelot.

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White Abbey

Blanche Abeie, Blanche Abbaye

An abbey where the white shield with the red cross is deposited.

Galahad takes Melian (Melias de Lile), who is wounded, to the Abbey. Here, Galahad meets Bagdemagus and Yvain the Bastard.

Gawain found the wounded Bagdemagus (whom is buried here) and learnt from him that Lancelot had killed two giants.

Bohort (Bors de Ganis) stays the night and the day after he finds Perceval on a ship.

This abbey is probably identical with the entry above.