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Patrides au Cercle d’Or

Parides au Cercle d’Or, Patrides of the Golden Circle

Nephew of King Bagdemagus of Gorre, sometimes called Patrides of the Golden Circle.

He served as steward of Gorre when Bagdemagus left to seek adventure at Arthur’s court. Later, he fought alongside his uncle in Arthur’s war against King Claudas and won himself great honor. He became a Knight of the Round Table. He was made Count of Flanders after Arouz was killed resisting Arthur’s army on its way to battle Claudas and free Elyzabel.

In another adventure, Perceval rescued him from an imprisonment at the castle Galanton. Patrides had tried to elope with the castle’s lady, for which Galanton’s residents chained him to a rock to starve. (Vulgate V; this appears, however, to a variant of the tale of the Castle of the Uncourteous Lady and Sir Persides in Malory XI.)

He performed well in a tournament thrown by King Brandegorre of Estrangorre, and he were the seventh knight to swore fealty to Brandegorre’s daughter.

During the Grail Quest, Gawain killed Patrides while Patrides was trying to avenge Yvain of Cenel’s murder.

Malory calls him the son Pellownus.

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