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Pencru, Peticrewe, Peticru, Petit Crû, Petit Creü, Petitcriur, Petitto Araviuto

A little lap dog, given to Duke Gilan of Swales by a goddess from Avalon. It was the offspring of a brachet and a leopard.

Tristan saw the dog when he was staying with Gilan, Duke of Swales, and thought that it would cheer up Isolde during their separation. Tristan performed a service for Gilan by slaying the troublesome giant Urgan, and asked for Petitcreiu as a gift. Gilan assented, and Tristan sent it on to Isolde.

It was wonderfully colored, tiny and had a sweet-sounding bell about its neck. The ringing of the bell caused happiness in all who were near. When Isolde realized its magical properties, she ripped it off the dog, so that she would not be happy when her lover was sad.

In the Middle-English Sir Tristrem, Petitcreiu’s original owner is named Triamour.

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