Nightbringer | The Arthurian Online Encyclopedia


A great black dragon who lived in Korntin and plagued its people.

The spirit of the slain King Lar of Korntin enlisted Gawain’s son, Wigalois, to slay Pfetan, and he gave him a special lance to accomplish this deed. Lar also presented Wigalois with a sweet blossom, for the dragon’s breath was so foul that it could kill a man.

On his way to fight the dragon, Wigalois came across Countess Beleare of Joraphas, whose husband, Count Moral, had been carried off by the creature. Arriving at the dragon’s lair, Wigalois immediately lanced it through the heart, killing it, but he suffered a terrible injury in the process and fell down half-dead by a lake.

Countess Beleare, joyfully reunited with her husband, found him there and brought him back to her castle for healing.

Wigalois | Wirnt von Grafenberg, early 13th century