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Priamus of Tuscany


A Saracen knight of Tuscany in Italy, descended from Alexander, Hector, Joshua, and Macabeus, he was the right inheritor of Alexandria and Africa, and all the out isles. He had two brothers named Edward and Hectymere.

In Arthur’s war against Emperor Lucius, the Saracens were allied of Rome. Gawaine encountered him while foraging for supplies in northern Italy. They fought in single combat, wounded each other almost to death, but luckily Priamus had a balm which healed their wounds within an hour; this same balm was the only thing that could cure a wound from Priamus’ sword. The two knights developed such a respect for each other’s prowess that they became fast friends.

Priamus provided Gawain with information about the Duke of Lorraine, and he helped Gawain defeat the duke’s brigade of Roman soldiers. In reward, Arthur had Priamus baptized, gave him a seat at the Round Table, and appointed him the new duke of Lorraine.

Much later, Lancelot killed him while rescuing Guenevere from the stake.

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