Saint Gwladys

Gladys, Gwladus, Gwladys ferch Brychan
Born: Date unknown, Brycheiniog
Died: c. 500 or 523

Saint Gwladys is a Welsh saint who is venerated in the Christian tradition. She is believed to have lived during the fifth or sixth century, although historical details about her life are limited, and much of what is known about her comes from later hagiographic accounts and local traditions.

According to tradition, Saint Gwladys was a Welsh princess, said to be the daughter of King Brychan of Brycheiniog. She is often associated with the town of Brycheiniog, which is now known as Brecon in modern-day Wales. Gwladys is particularly revered as the mother of several other Welsh saints, including Saint Cadoc and Saint Cynog.

There are various legends and stories associated with Saint Gwladys, but they are largely based on folklore and local traditions. Some accounts describe her as a pious and virtuous woman who supported the Christian faith and played a significant role in the spiritual upbringing of her children.

In the hagiography Life of St. Cadoc, it is said she was abducted by King Gwynnlyw of Glamorgan, who, while fleeing from Brychan, encountered Arthur. Arthur desired Gwladys, but Cei and Bedwyr persuaded him to follow his nobler instincts, to give harbor to Gwynnlyw, and to leave Gwladys alone. Gwladys and Gwynnlyw had a son, named Cadoc, who became a saint.

Life of St. Cadoc | Lifris, late 11th century