Brecheiniog, Brechiniawg, Brechiniaug, Brechiniog, Brekenock, Brecknock, Brekenok, Breknok, Brycheiniog

Brycheiniog was a kingdom which probably was founded in the late fifth century by Irish raiders. The Historia Brittonum reports the raiders very likely was the Uí Liatháin, who was reduced by the sons of Cunedda.

The tradition says it was founded by a Hiberno-Welsh prince named Brychan, from the old Welsh kingdom of Garth Madrun (perhaps centred on Talgarth), in the mid fifth century.

Brecknock might be the English form of the Latinised Brechinia. It has also been known as ‘Brecknock and Brecon’, as well as ‘Brecon and Brecknock’.

Brych means brindled, or spotted.