Brecheiniog, Brechiniawg, Brechiniaug, Brechiniog, Breconshire, Brekenock, Brecknock, Brekenok, Breknok, Brycheiniog

Brycheiniog is a historic region and former county in south Wales. Brycheiniog has a rich history dating back to ancient times. It was originally inhabited by the Celtic Britons and was part of the Kingdom of Brycheiniog, one of the smaller kingdoms that emerged in Wales during the early medieval period.

The tradition says it was founded by a Hiberno-Welsh prince named Brychan, from the old Welsh kingdom of Garth Madrun (perhaps centred on Talgarth), in the mid fifth century.

Brecknock might be the English form of the Latinised Brechinia. It has also been known as ‘Brecknock and Brecon’, as well as ‘Brecon and Brecknock’.

Brych means brindled, or spotted.