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Tholomer the Fugitive of Babylonia

Tholomer Cerastre, Tollome

King of Babylonia in the time of Joseph of Arimathea. He first gave land to King Evalach of Sarras (Evelake), who once had served him, but, when the latter became King of Sarras, the two were drawn into a war against each other.

Tholomer’s brother, Manatur, assisted him in the campaign. Tholomer nearly destroyed Evalach’s kingdom, but Joseph of Arimathea converted Evalach to Christianity and thus provided him with the spiritual strength needed to defeat Tholomer.

Tholomer besieged the castle of Evalachin and defeated Evalach there, but Evalach won a victory at La Choine and again at Orcaut, where Tholomer was captured. While in Evalach’s prison, a devil named Selaphas visited him and tricked him into leaping out a window to his death.

His name is perhaps a variation of Ptolemy, a name which belonged to a number of Egyptian rulers.

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