Babilone, Babiloine, Babilonie, Babylone

An ancient empire on the east bank of the Euphrates River in what is now central Iraq, though the use of the name in medieval literature probably refers to Cairo or Egypt. Babylon was the capital of the ancient Mesopotamian kingdom of Babylonia. It became an indipendent state about 1894 BC.

In the time of Joseph of Arimathea, the kingdom was ruled by Tholomer the Fugitive, an enemy of Evalach (Evelake).

Babylon was ruled in Arthur’s time, according to Geoffrey of Monmouth, by Micipsa, who was an ally of the Roman Procurator Lucius Hiberius.

During the time of Uther, in Wolfram’s Parzival, Babylon was ruled by two brothers – Pompeius and Ipomidon – who made war on the Baruc of BaghdadPerceval’s father Gahmuret was involved in the war.

Heinrich von dem Türlin names Babylon’s king as Laamez, who ruled from Baldac, and Claris et Laris puts King Datois on the throne of Babylon. Datois was an ally of Thereus, Arthur’s Roman enemy.

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