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Three Levies That Departed From This Land, And Not One Of Them Came Back

The first went with Elen of the Hosts and Cynan her brother, The second went with Yrp of the Hosts, who came here to ask assistance in the time of Cadial son of Eryn. and all he asked of each Chief Fortress was twice as many (men) as would come with him to it; and to the first fortress there came only himself and his servant. (And it proved grievous to have given him that.) Nevertheless that was the most complete levy that ever went from this Island, and no (man) of them ever came back. The place where those men remained was on two islands close to the Greek sea; those islands are Gals and Avena.

The third levy went with Caswallawn son of Beli, and Gwenwynwyn and Gwanar, sons of Nwyfre, and Arianrhod, daughter of Beli their mother. And those men came from Arllechwedd. They went with Caswallawn their uncle across the sea in pusuit of the men of Caesar. The place where those men are is in Gascony. And the number that went in each of those Hosts was twenty-one thousand men. And those were the Three Silver Hosts: they were so called because the gold and silver of the Island went with them. And they were picked men.