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Tom a’Lincoln

Red Rose Knight

The illegitimate son of Arthur, known as the Red Rose Knight. His mother was called Angelica.

He was raised by a shepherd and Arthur made him a commander in the army, in which capacity he defeated the Portuguese. He had a natural son (called the Faerie Knight) by Caelia, the Fairy Queen. Tom went to the realm of Prester John and eloped with Anglitora, the daughter of that monarch, and they had a son called the Black Knight.

When Anglitora discovered Tom was illegitimate, she left him and became the mistress of the lord of a castle and, when Tom arrived, she murdered him. His ghost told the Black Knight all and the latter killed Anglitora. He met the Faerie Knight and they travelled together, eventually coming to England.

Tom a Lincolne | Richard Johnson, 1599–1607