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Varlan of Wales

Bruillans, Brulan, Brulans, Hurlaine, Urbain, Urlain, Urlan, Urlans, Valan, Vallaus, Varlans, Varlaus, Warlan

A king of Gales (Wales), newly converted to Christianity, some time before Arthur.

Varlan went to war with Lambor, the Grail king. Lambor forced Varlan to flee during a battle and Varlan came across the mysterious Ship of Solomon, which had arrived in Britain. On the ship he found David’s Sword, which was meant for Galahad, but Varlan drew it and killed Lambor. The blow was called the Dolorous Stroke and it turned Wales and Listenois into the Waste Land.

When Varlan returned the sword to its sheath, he was struck dead in punishment for having drawn it.

The sword is also known as the Sword with the Strange Hangings.

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