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Vergulaht of Ascalun

Fergulaht, Vergolaht

King of Ascalun. He was the son of Kingrisin and his wife Flurdamurs.

Vergulaht’s cousin, Kingrimursel, accused Gawain of murdering Kingrisin and challenged him to combat in Vergulaht’s capital of Schanpfanzun. Vergulaht promised Gawain safe passage until the battle, but became enraged when he found his sister, Antikonie, and Gawain flirting with each other. Vergulaht summoned his guard and attacked Gawain. Gawain fought bravely but would have been defeated if not for the arrival of Kingrimursel, who was furious that Vergulaht had broken his word to leave Gawain unmolested until the combat. Kingrimursel’s presence forced Vergulaht to end his attack.

While traveling in the forest of Læhtamris, Vergulaht had been defeated in combat by the Grail-seeking Perceval. As a condition of his surrender, Perceval ordered Vergulaht to join the Grail Quest. Vergulaht, as a condition of freeing Gawain, ordered Gawain to relieve him from this obligation by assuming the quest himself.

Vergulaht and Kingrimursel rescheduled the combat for a year later at Barbigoel, but before it could take place, Gawain was vindicated in Kingrisin’s death.

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