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Badbury Rings

Badbury Rings is an ancient hill fort located in Dorset, England.

A place in Dorset that is numbered among the possible locations for the Battle of Badon.

Badbury Rings | History

Iron Age Origins | c. 800 BC
Badbury Rings dates back to the Late Bronze Age or Early Bronze Age, with construction likely starting around 800 BC. The hill fort was built during a time when communities in Britain were constructing such fortified structures for defensive purposes and as centers of community life.

Iron Age Function and Occupation
Badbury Rings served as a prominent hill fort with three concentric rings of earthen ramparts and ditches, a design typical of many Iron Age hill forts. The purpose of these hill forts was primarily defensive, providing protection to the local community against potential threats.

Cultural Significance
Hill forts like Badbury Rings played a crucial role in Iron Age society, functioning not only as defensive structures but also as centers of community, trade, and possibly ritual activities. The layout and design of the earthworks at Badbury Rings reflect the engineering skills of the Iron Age inhabitants.

Roman Temple | 4th century AD
A notable feature at Badbury Rings is the presence of a Roman temple within the innermost enclosure. Constructed in the fourth century AD, the temple indicates that the site continued to be of cultural and possibly religious significance into the Roman period.

Roman Occupation
The Roman temple suggests that Badbury Rings may have been occupied or utilized during the Roman occupation of Britain. Roman influence and occupation in the region are reflected in the construction of the temple and possibly in the continuation of activities at the site.

Post-Roman Period and Later History
After the Roman period, the function and significance of Badbury Rings likely changed, and the site became part of the evolving cultural and historical landscape. The hill fort and its earthworks have remained well-preserved over the centuries, contributing to its status as an archaeological and historical landmark.

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