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Badbury Hill

Badbury Hill is an ancient hillfort located in Oxfordshire, England. It is situated near the village of Badbury. The hill fort is part of the wider landscape known as the Oxfordshire Downs.

A hill in Devon that is considered one of the many possible sites for the Battle of Badon.

Badbury Hill | History

Iron Age Origins | c. 600 BC
Badbury Hill was likely first settled and fortified during the Iron Age, around 600 BC. During this period, communities in Britain constructed hill forts as defensive structures, often on elevated positions for strategic advantage.

The primary purpose of Badbury Hill, like many other hill forts, was defensive. The earthworks, consisting of banks and ditches, served to fortify the summit and provide protection to the community living within the hill fort. Hill forts were not only military structures but also centers of community life. They housed dwellings, storage facilities, and other structures. Archaeological excavations of Badbury Hill have uncovered evidence of Iron Age and Roman occupation, including pottery and other artifacts.

Iron Age Society
The people who inhabited Badbury Hill during the Iron Age were likely part of the broader Iron Age society in Britain. Iron Age society was characterized by tribal structures, agricultural practices, and a material culture that included iron tools and pottery.

Roman Influence and Occupation
The Roman conquest of Britain, which began in the first century AD, had an impact on the region. The Romans may have occupied or influenced the area around Badbury Hill. Archaeological finds suggests a continuation of occupation into the Roman period.

Later Periods
Over the centuries, the significance of Badbury Hill may have changed, and the site could have been used or adapted by subsequent cultures. The area, with its historical features and proximity to other important sites like the Uffington White Horse, remained part of the evolving cultural landscape.

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