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Bèarn, Béearn

Béarn is a historical province located in the southwestern part of France. It is situated in the Pyrenees Mountains, bordered by the regions of Gascony, Bigorre, Navarre (in Spain), and the Basque Country.

This French region was owned by Lancelot. Lancelot made Sir Vyllyers the Earl of Béearn in return for Vyllyers’ support in the battles against King Arthur.

Béarn | 0 to the 9th century AD

Roman Influence | 1st century BC – 5th century AD
The Aquitaine region, including the area that is now Béarn, was under Roman control during the Roman Republic and later the Roman Empire. Roman influence brought infrastructure, governance, and cultural elements to the area.

Migration Period | 5th – 7th centuries
With the decline of the Western Roman Empire in the fifth century, the region witnessed migrations of various Germanic and other tribes, including the Visigoths and Vandals. The Visigoths, in particular, established control over parts of Aquitaine during this period.

Frankish Influence | Late 5th century onward
The Franks, another Germanic tribe, gradually expanded their influence in the region under Merovingian and later Carolingian rule. The Treaty of Verdun in 843 played a significant role in shaping the territories in the area, but specific details about Béarn during this period may not be well-documented.

Viking Incursions | 9th century
In the ninth century, Viking raids and incursions occured in various parts of Aquitaine, including the coastal areas.

Mergence of Local Lords and Territories
As central authority weakened during the early medieval period, local lords and territories gained prominence. The emergence of specific territories, including Béarn, became more distinct in the later medieval period.

Le Morte Darthur | Sir Thomas Malory, 1469-1470