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Camparcorentin, Campercorantin, Campercorentin, Camperincorentin, Canparcorentin, Canperorantins, Carperacotin, Corantin, Kaerdif en Gales, La Forest Perilleuse, Parcorantin, Parcorentin, Quanpercorentin, Quincprecorentin

A castle and a forest.

The castle was the birthplace of Lysianor, the mother of Arthur’s son Loholt (Borre). It is also the home of Aces de Camparcorentin (Aces of Beaumont).

In the forest an unnamed knight, chasing an assailant, came upon two damsels bathing. One of them shot him in the thigh with an arrow which appears to have been magic, for only the best knight in the world could draw it out.

The wounded knight went to Arthur’s court looking for help; since Lancelot was absent, no one could help him. Returning to his own castle, he met Lancelot; since Lancelot was traveling incognito, the wounded knight refused to believe he was good enough to make the attempt.

Later, learning that the icognito knight had been Lancelot, the wounded knight set off in his litter to find him again. Eventually he found him at La Fontaine des Deux Sycamores and was delivered of the arrow.

Some manuscripts call the forest of the bathing damsels “la forest perilleuse”. The wounded knight’s own castle was apparently not far from King Vagor’s Isle Estrange, which may put it and hence the forest of Campacorentin somewhere in southern Scotland.

The Lady of Roestoc found Arthur here.